1) Advanced technology for characterizing coatings

2) Smart coatings and applications

3) Advanced PVD/CVD technology

4) Surface of engineering - research in industrial application

Section 1.  Surface Science and Technology

Conference Topics

Section 2: Carbon Materials and Surface Engineering

1) Advanced  carbon materials

2) Synthesis, characterization and functionalization of diamond and  

     carbon coatings.

3) Carbon-based functional coatings:

4) Advanced diamond and carbon coatings in industry

a) Diamond coatings (ncd, mcd); 

b) DLC coatings (a-C, a-C:H, ta-C, ta-C:H, m-C - monocrystalline carbon); 

c) Carbyne coatings ; 

d) Graphene coatings ; 

1) Advanced polymer coating materials

2) Preparation and synthesis of polymer coatings

3) Surfaces and interfaces of polymer coating

4) Environment friendly polymer coating

5) Application of functional/smart polymer coatings

6) Polymer coating towards industrial application

Section 3: Polymer Materials and Surface Engineering

1) New coating and films for cutting tools and moulds

2) Coating technology and equipment for cutting tools and moulds

3) Evaluation of coated tools 

4) Calculation and simulation of coating materials

5) High speed machining application of coated tools

Section 4: Advanced Coatings and Films for Cutting Tools and Moulds

1) Tribology of coating under special serve conditions

2) Tribology and surface engineering

3) Lubricating materials and tribochemistry

4) Tribology of micro/nano surface

5) Tribology and mechanical behaviour of coatings and engineering surfaces

6) Tribology of biological and biomimetic coatings

7) Tribology of  industrial coatings  and sealing  technology

Section 5:  Tribology  of  Advanced Coating and Films

1) Properties and micro/nano-structure of  films

2) Preparation and performance of functional film

3) Plating and conversion film

Section 6:  Micro/Nano-structure and Functional film

1) Reciprocity between plasma and materials

2) Surface strengthening/modification using plasma

3) Coating and cladding using plasma

4) Plasma etching/rinsing technology for materials

Section 7: Surface modification by plasma

1) Design and manufacturing of advanced ceramic coating

2) Process and application of metal ceramic composite coating

3) Design and manufacturing of new alloy coating

4) Manufacturing of  functional coating and applications

Section 8. Advanced Cold and Thermal Spray Process

1) Thermal control coating and technology

2) Radiation-resistant coating and technology 

3) Atomic oxygen protective coating and technology

4) High-temperature insulation coating and technology 

5) Stealth coating and technology

6) Other special functional coatings and technologies

Section 9 . Special Functional Coatings and Technology

1) Behaviour of  biological coatings

2) Characterization of biological coatings materials

3) Design of biomimetic coatings materials 

4) Biomimetic coating surface of  engineering

5) Surfaces and interfaces

Section 10: Functional Coatings of  Biomaterials and Biomimetic Materials

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