Visa Guideline

Most foreigners must hold valid passports and visas before entering Chinese Mainland. Passengers have the responsibility to obtain a visa before departure. Please contact your home country consulate or embassy in advance for timely processing. Travelers without necessary documents will be banned from entering Chinese Mainland. No visa will be issued upon arrival in Chinese Mainland.

1、 Where to apply for a visa

Unless there are clear regulations on visa exemption, foreign citizens who come to China should, in principle, apply for a visa in advance to Chinese embassies, consulates, offices, special missions in Hong Kong or Macau, or other overseas agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese embassies and consulates abroad are divided into consular areas, and applicants should in principle apply for visas from the embassy or consulate in their place of residence. Except for individual citizens who need to apply to the Chinese embassy or consulate in that country, applicants can generally apply for a visa from the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. After entering China with a regular visa, if foreigners need to apply for an extension or change of their visa, they should apply to the local public security organs at or above the county level authorized by the Ministry of Public Security.

2、 How to submit a visa application

To apply for a Chinese visa, you generally need to submit:

(1) A passport with a blank visa page and a validity period of no less than 6 months from the date of submission;

(2) One visa application form of the China truthfully, completely and clearly filled in and signed by the applicant;

(3) 1 recent, front, and bareheaded passport photo (life photos, photocopies of photos, or digital photos printed on regular paper are not acceptable);

(4) According to the different reasons for coming to China, other relevant application materials need to be provided;

(5) Other supporting materials related to the visa application required by the visa officer;

(6) When obtaining a visa, the applicant must pay the visa fee and the expedited or expedited service fee (if selected). The visa can be submitted by the applicant in person or, on a voluntary basis, entrusted to others for processing, except for those who are required to be present in person or required by the visa officer to have an interview. Applicants have an obligation to answer inquiries from visa officials

3、 Issues to pay attention to when applying for a Chinese visa

Applicants should pay attention to:

(1) Make arrangements in advance to avoid visa invalidation or delays in applying for a visa, which may delay your itinerary.

(2) Fill out the application form truthfully, completely, and clearly. The application form must be signed (minors can have their parents or guardians sign on their behalf and indicate their relationship).

(3) The application materials must be true and complete. Those who forge materials or have incomplete materials will be refused processing.

(4)Answer the visa officer's inquiries truthfully. According to relevant Chinese regulations and international practices, consular officials have the right to request applicants to present other relevant supporting documents and have the right to refuse to issue visas without providing reasons.

(5) The type, frequency, validity period, and duration of the visa shall be determined by the visa officer in accordance with relevant regulations and in conjunction with the applicant's request.

(6) When obtaining a visa, the applicant is responsible for verifying the visa content. Any doubts should be raised immediately.

(7) The applicant shall bear the responsibility for the consequences caused by the following situations, and please be careful to avoid them:

1. Failure to truthfully fill out the visa form, incomplete completion of the visa form, or false declaration, resulting in the visa being rejected;

2. The passport or photo does not meet the requirements, or the visa application materials are not provided according to the requirements of the visa officer, resulting in the visa being rejected;

3. Premature visa application results in visa expiration and invalidation, or due to reasons that do not have enough time to complete the visa, being refused boarding or entry;

4. If the visa is invalidated due to personal arrangements or third-party reasons after being processed and cannot be used;

5. Refusal to board or enter China due to failure to check visa frequency, validity period, stay period, or passport validity period before coming to China;

6. Due to other reasons on the part of the applicant, the visa cannot be used.

4、 How to interpret one's application for a Chinese visa

(1) Number of Entries for Visa

It refers to the number of times the holder can come to China during the validity period of the visa. Once the number of entries is used up, the visa will automatically become invalid. If you need to come to China again, you must reapply for a visa. If the number of entries has not been used up, but the validity period has expired, a new visa should also be applied for. I have used up my visa and will be refused entry to China. Therefore, before departing to China, please double check the number of visa entries and confirm that the visa is valid.

(2) Enter before the validity period of the visa

It refers to the validity period of the visa itself. If there is still a remaining number of entries, the holder of this visa can come to China at any time before the expiration date (entry is allowed before 24:00 on the expiration date). Visas that have exceeded their validity period, regardless of whether there are any remaining entries, will be automatically invalidated and cannot be extended. If you still need to come to China, you must reapply for a visa. All visas shall come into effect from the date of issuance. If the visa cannot be used due to personal or third-party reasons, the applicant shall bear the responsibility. Those who come to China with expired and expired visas will be refused entry. Therefore, before departing to China, please double check the validity period of your visa and confirm its validity.

(3) Duration of Each Stay after Entry

It refers to the maximum period of time that the holder is allowed to stay in China, which is the maximum number of days that the holder can stay in China from the date of entry. If an extension of stay is required, the holder must go to the local public security organ to apply for an extension before the expiration of the stay. Those who stay in China beyond their visa stay period will be punished by fines and other penalties if they violate foreign entry and exit management regulations. Therefore, please check at any time during your stay in China to see if your stay period has exceeded.


1. Please remember that all applicants' passports must be valid for at least six months after the scheduled date of entry into China.

2. Please note that we are unable to provide formal invitations from the Chinese government or other relevant institutions.

If you encounter any issues, please send an email to

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Transportation Guideline

Air transportation: 

7 kilometers away from Shenzhen Airport T3 Terminal, 3 kilometers away from Shenzhen Airport T4 Hub, and only 75 kilometers away from Hong Kong Airport.

Waterway transportation: 

adjacent to Fuyong Pier, it only takes 1 hour by boat from Fuyong Pier to Hong Kong Airport


connecting two expressways (Yanjiang Expressway and Guangshen Expressway) and one expressway (Binjiang Avenue). The Phase II International Convention and Exhibition Center Interchange Project of Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway along the Yangtze River, with the toll station of the International Convention and Exhibition Center as the main part, has been opened to traffic. The interchange will also connect the Shenzhen–Zhongshan Bridge, the Jihe Expressway and the Bao'an International Airport Interchange

Subway transportation: 

Subway lines 12 and 20 directly connect to the south and north entrance halls of the exhibition hall, providing quick access to Shenzhen city and airport

Railway and high-speed railway: 

close to Shenzhen Maoming Railway and Shenzhen Section of Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen Inter-city rail, Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen Inter-city rail is planned to open in 2019, and Shenzhen Maoming Railway is under construction. The planning and construction of the Shenzhen Airport high-speed rail station has been officially approved.

Shuttle bus service: 

equipped with smart bus, it connects Tangwei station and the airport of Metro Line 11, and shuttles between the exhibition hall and the surrounding subway stations, bus yards, commercial center hotels and other places.

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